Operation: Defy Boredom

So I'm working on something new, to keep my head from imploding from boredom. This is a semi-self portrait, based on a dream I had recently. I honestly don't remember anything about the dream except it included explosions, casual business attire, and hammerhead sharks.

Go ahead and fullview 'em for full detail.

Tin Man

Assignment for the Digital Illustration final, reinterpreting/illustrating the Wizard of Oz. This is my version of the Tin Man, a character that I have named Nikhil and have fitted him into my own comic.


Editorial illustration on 18"x18" wood panel, acrylic. The assignment was to create a finished editorial illustration for an article in Narrative Illust. I chose the sort of recent National Geographic issue about China titled "Inside the Dragon." There were two spot illustrations sketched in my sketchbook for the assignment too, I might post later.