TIME Cover

So my most recent assignment was to redo the cover of TIME's Aug. 30 issue for Concepts. I did Uncle Sam as a crusader, making the link with the medieval hunting of Muslims and connecting that to the question "Is America Islamophobic?" Hope it reads well enough. 11 hours, Photoshop.

Constitution Day Response

So for Constitution Day MICA held a panel about equal marriage rights featuring Dan Savage, Sharon Hayes, and Dr. Kendall Thomas, and moderated by NPR's Aaron Henkin. After attending, I made this piece in response to the issues discussed.


First short in my Sequential Arts class this fall! I like how it turned out. The assignment was to do a four-panel short where the phrase "this isn't going to work" was the only dialogue allowed, and only in one of the four panels. The concept was to portray a certain mood. I had a hell of a time figuring out how to get a decent screentone, and am still amazed that I cannot seem to find actual screentone brushes for photoshop. Inked with a brush, and then colored in CS4.