Wardruna, Sabriel, and Things That Happen

So, after a pretty long dry spell, I'm back in the game! It's been a weird semester, sorting some stuff out with myself, but I have new work to show! After a disastrous month-long computer breakdown, I have a new laptop and have resumed work on Wardruna. Hoping to submit it to Spectrum in January. Also, here's my first "finished" piece from my current semester of thesis, in which I attempt to create something resembling the pre-production work for an imaginary 2D animated adaption of Sabriel, by Garth Nix.

Sabriel's been a huge influence on me, and working on this project has always been a huge personal goal for me, so despite the stuff I've been dealing with lately, it's pretty gratifying to have this piece done finally. I'll update more pieces and eventually cleaned up sketches and such to add on to this. Enjoy :)