Green Vesper

So this is pretty late, but I just finished cleaning it up. It's an illustration inspired by a drink called a "Green Vesper." The Vesper was "created" by Ian Fleming in one of his James Bond novels, and to my understanding it's mostly a very specific kind of martini. The green version just substitutes absinthe in for Kina Lillet. Big thanks to Kali Ciesemier for the help and encouragement with this one!

Recent Things

Travel poster to an imaginary place. In this case, it's to the Abhorsen's House on the Ratterlin, from Garth Nix's novel Sabriel. Good stuff!

A little spot illustration about Chinese medicine and the conflicts between modern and traditional schools of medicine.

A spot about tiger moms! The frame definitely needs some reworking...

An old piece I found!

Rayman 2 Cover Re-design. This was a relatively old post that was stuck in draft form for some reason for moooooonths. I thought it was a fun digital painting. Here ya go!