Illustration Friday: Breakfast

Hey again people! Just got back from Florida. Here's my (first ever!) submission for this week's IF topic, breakfast. I am beginning to think that maybe I should be calibrating my screen display settings or something, because I am still having this problem where when I upload anything at all (or save as a bmp) my images lose saturation drastically and are dulled down significantly. I'm not terribly torn up about this one though, because it gives the piece a slightly faded, old-timey diner look but NONETHELESS. Someone help me figure this out! Is it CS4? Is it just web colors being web colors? Is it my display settings? Is it something about how I am saving or uploading these images??? Assisstance would be preferred.

Also, comments. Thanks!


Hello, boys and girls. Here I have a personal piece that I started about two weeks ago. I was experimenting with a different coloring method in photoshop that will give a much cleaner, more graphic look to my work. Actually quite happy with how this turned out. I worked on and off, every once in a while as a break from doing commissions and stuff. I was inspired after watching Gaga's Alejandro video and finding some random picture of a Mickey Mouse halloween costume on

My girlfriend Ashley did a parallel piece of Minnie, here!

Portrait of Allison

Commissioned portrait. Oil, 20"x24" on stretched canvas. Used an underpainting technique I picked up this summer. Pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Done in about a week or so.