Wardruna, Sabriel, and Things That Happen

So, after a pretty long dry spell, I'm back in the game! It's been a weird semester, sorting some stuff out with myself, but I have new work to show! After a disastrous month-long computer breakdown, I have a new laptop and have resumed work on Wardruna. Hoping to submit it to Spectrum in January. Also, here's my first "finished" piece from my current semester of thesis, in which I attempt to create something resembling the pre-production work for an imaginary 2D animated adaption of Sabriel, by Garth Nix.

Sabriel's been a huge influence on me, and working on this project has always been a huge personal goal for me, so despite the stuff I've been dealing with lately, it's pretty gratifying to have this piece done finally. I'll update more pieces and eventually cleaned up sketches and such to add on to this. Enjoy :)

Mike Simpson: A Patient Soul

There you have it! Back to front, Mike Simpson's debut album is out now on Bandcamp! That's Mike Simpson, ladies and gents, and that's my work on the album art! LET EM KNOW

Warmup sketchery

I saw a guy who looked like a young version of Willem Dafoe. Just more muscular and with a +2 to his scare factor.

Wardruna: Charge Of The Pahhur Sag

Listening to Wardruna made me absolutely need to paint this last night. A race that I have been developing, the name is roughly Akkadian for "Fire Heads." I'm still working on it.

I'm afraid that i will need a reference for the character in the middle, the pose is too stiff for me to really enjoy painting it. Maybe I need to shift the torso back...

Some Motorcycle product designs!

So I was trying to get some work with this company that makes motorcycle gear, but I'm not sure how well that's going. Here are some concept sketches that I did as part of the interview process. These are just some really generic suit designs, so nothing too radical. I'll probably tighten them up later on anyways even if the work itself doesn't pan out.

HELLO, 2011

Wow, that's a lot of non-updating for this blog....since December! Well, it's a new year now, so happy 2011 people. A lot of artwork has been made since the last update, and I will be faithfully trying to bring more of that to light. In the mean time, if you are too impatient, go ahead and check my website! YAODRAWS.COM It's totally up to date and has a whole mess of credibility now that it's on a paid server. Go on and drop by!

Here I am just trying out some simple, 2D portraits as a series of my friends at MICA. All done in Photoshop, averaging at a measly 1.5 - 2 hours each. Hoping to continue this series, and maybe one day in the distant distant future people will be paying me to do drawings like these. ONE DAY. In the meantime, note how each person's name is hand lettered, and relates to the person's interests or character! Yes, I know, I'm that awesome. Updates to continue!