Direct linking failed... Here's a small drawing. Originally for practicing painting tattoos, but only after I rendered the skin did I realize that the original resolution was too small to do any fine details, so after a few tries I gave up. I'll just have to learn how to paint tattoos the original way....or the Shawn Barber way? Time will tell.

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  1. hey dude! had a quick question about working in different mediums all the time. i also go to mica and was wondering how you go about painting in both oil and digital. i know painting digitally is something i have to learn, and have no fuckin clue how to do it now haha
    i only took painting 1 also, so i do not have much experience in that field but more than digitally. basically my question is do you think i should get better at traditional first then move to digital? what is/was your process?

    thanks , Bianca