TIME Cover

So my most recent assignment was to redo the cover of TIME's Aug. 30 issue for Concepts. I did Uncle Sam as a crusader, making the link with the medieval hunting of Muslims and connecting that to the question "Is America Islamophobic?" Hope it reads well enough. 11 hours, Photoshop.


  1. It definitely reads; you could have more indicators in there (setting comes to mind) but I don't think they're necessary. Nice work, like the drawing too.

  2. I feel like the text can be in white to provide higher contrast from the background, although it does cut into Uncle Sam's head. Anyway, I like his hand; they're so gnarly.

  3. Looking good Yao,

    The type behind uncle sam reads but could really benefit from more contrast, especially with TIME magazine (legibility first). Perhaps if you use one of the lighter grays from the chainmail that would tie the type and image together nicely.

    I am more concerned with uncle sam covering the 'p' in 'islamophobic.' You typeface is so bold and tightly kerned, maybe it could stand to a few point sizes smaller and use more of the space above 'sam' and below 'TIME.'

    Really minor thoughts, everything else looks sharp.